Sunday, July 31, 2005

Global Killer

You may remember the scene from the movie , "ARMAGEDDON" when Bruce Willis ask Billy Bob Thorton what NASA's back up plan was for dealing with the large global killer asteroid coming towards earth. When Willis' found out an alternative plan didn't exist he said," this is NASA, you have the smartest people in the world they should be sitting around just thinking about this stuff." I really enjoyed that movie and I remember thinking what would happen if an asteroid was coming. Like earthquakes, tornadoes, volcano's and other natural disasters , objects from space have certainly struck the earth numerous times. The question is not if this will happen again, but when will it happen again.

I'm not the type to be obsessed with things especially whether or not NASA knows of a large asteroid or comet possibly on a collision course with earth , but I believe it could be possible and I know there are many people who are convinced that we are doomed. If your interested, search asteroid's, comets or other such phrases you can read plenty purpose of this blog ,as well as, my future contemplations is to get you to think and provide interesting topic's of conversation.

So, could it be possible and what's going on to fuel thousands of conspiracy theorist imaginations. Let's explore a few of these widely talked about ideas. First, as I stated above, the simplest and most logical theory is they have struck before and will strike again. I suppose you could find someone who might dispute this fact. A Geniusbutmisunderstood tidbit of wisdom, if you find someone that dose dispute this theory stay away from them , their limited intellect could be detrimental to you if your over exposed.

Probably the most talked about event fueling controversy was NASA's Deep Impact mission that just recently successfully concluded on July 4th. The $350,000,000 project started in 1999 had the stated main goal of finding out what a comet was made of to help scientist determine the origin of the universe. What gets most theorist going is there has been very little discussed about how and what kind of information they were to obtain when the small craft made a suicide run at the comet in July.

On Sunday night, July 30th the Discovery channel aired a special concerning this project. And as all other news about this project the program focused entirely on the hitting of the object and nothing about the research hopefully gained from the impact. Look for reruns of this program as it was pretty interesting.

I did however find mention of another mission objective in an article in the July 1st issue of National Geographic News written by Steven Lougren. The article entitled Deep Impact Probe Temple 1 said this experiment could also help scientists plan on how to deflect a rouge comet or asteroid if one threatened the earth in the future. Recent developments fueling this wildfire of controversy was President Bush announcing a renewed interest in space resulting in a commitment of billions of dollars for research. Of course those fearing doom believe the real reason is to hide research dollars among other space programs to deal with the impending danger coming from the dark reaches of space.

Another event is the grounding of the space shuttle program because of more problems with foam damaging the shuttle. Asteroid crazed nuts would have you believe in order to start spending billions on saving our planet you must first stop spending billions on the space shuttle.

I don't really know what I think about all this, but I'll sleep well tonight and won't spend much more time thinking about it. Another helpful hint: if you do start talking about this you might come across a true believer. These people could be very paranoid and could use your help. One way to calm them thus allowing them to function is to assure them that unlike the movie Armageddon NASA really dose have the smartest people, and they do just sit around and think of this kind of stuff. Tell them they are some of the brightest people around like Owen Wilson. Just touch their shoulder and tell them everything will be alright.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

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